The Articulated Arm

The purpose of the task is to require the student to use technical drawing to resolve the mandate as set out in the LES. It allows the student to develop an understanding of all the concepts of the Technological World in regards to the language of lines.

The student receives drawings of a section of a prosthesis. With the help of a technical file, the student must conceive the part that can be inserted perfectly into this prosthesis. He tests his prototype.
Overview of the LES: Articulated Arm
Letter introducing the context: Articulated Arm
Student Booklet: Articulated Arm
Specifications – Articulated Arm
Technical File – Articulated Arm
Letter joined to the technical file- Articulated Arm
Diagram of principles – Articulated Arm
Questionnaire: The fork
Questionnaire: Diangram of principles
Template: Verification of the prototype’s amplitude
Materials needed
Photos of design solutions