Teaching sequence « Sounds and hearing » – New!

This teaching sequence was developed to help understand the phenomena at issue when sounds are perceived by the human ear. The models presented in this guide allow teachers for secondary three (ST or AST) to make the function of the inner ear, specifically the function of the cochlea, more concrete. This sequence also allows the essential role of the basilar membrane in directing sounds with different frequencies to the corresponding cilia cells to be demonstrated. The sequence is spread over about two periods. It calls upon the scientific investigation process.

The sequence is divided into four parts. To begin, the student is presented with a model simulating the propagation of a sound using marbles. Next, a second model is presented, illustrating the vibration of a membrane similar to an ear drum. Then, the student activates and discovers the formation of sounds by wine glasses through a scientific investigation process. Finally, the student explores the phenomenon of resonance, using the model of the basilar membrane.

This LES was presented in our training sessions of 2014-2015