First and Second Years of Cycle One

ATTENTION! Activities developed before the fall of 2011 remain useful resources. However, we must ensure compliance with the Progression of Learnings and the Framework for the evaluation of Learnings.

Activities designed within the framework of training sessions
These activities, which are alike for most of the learning and evaluation situations (LES), were designed within the framework of training sessions for the regional training and accompaniment teams for high school.

They generally require adaptation before being used with students.  Each activity includes several documents.  You will generally find an overview of the LES, a student booklet, the learning activities which relate to them and the teacher or animator’s guide.  Each activity includes a brief description that presents the intention associated to its development in the framework of the training session.

All documents are in pdf or as indicated.

Animated cards
Mouse traps (scientific investigation)
Mouse traps (technological analysis)
Acid Rain
The Planetary

Going from 2D to 3D
Adaptation to cold
Evolution of relief
The Panda

The Sound of the Bell
Technological Analysis