The Hydroplane

The first aim of this LES is to design a part to regulate a Reed switch motor (RSM). To do so, the student has to carry out several learning activities related to the scientific and technological concepts associated with electric motors.It is also a good example of intergrated science and technology.
The second aim of the LES is to design a propeller that will propel the hydroplane. To do so, the student will carry out two learning activities related to the concepts associated to Archimedes’ flotation principle and Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics. When testing the hydroplane, the student will control its operation with the objective of participating in a race to be held later.

Outline of the LES – Hydroplane
Overview of the LES – Hydroplane
Student booklet – Hydroplane
Teacher’s Guide – Hydroplane

Explanation of the right hand rule (PPT)
Explanation of the RSM using a LED (PPT)
3D representation of the RSM (SketchUp)

• Video of the RSM in action

Building the RSM – (without the part to design)
Technical File of the testing tube – (scientific investigation of Bernoulli’s Principal)
Builiding the hull

This LES was published for the first time in 2008. Since then, the size of the Reed switch available on the market has significantly decreased. The smaller Reed switch is less resistant for long term use supporting the electric current in the original LED RSM. Therefore, we designed a new model using a transistor. This model allows the use of the miniaturised Reed switch.
Note that the operation of the transistor is a concept studied in the «Gaussbuster» LES.
Explanation of the transistor RSM – New!
Building the transistor RSM (without the part to design) – New!