• Task Overview
• LES Description
• Teacher’s Guide
Theoretical and Practical Capsule
Animation Guide (ppt format)
The following animations are in .wmv format
Cam and roller mechanism animation
Rack and pinion mechanism animation
Rod and crank mechanism animation
Solutions animation for the rod and crank
Solutions animation for the rack and pinion
Solutions animation for the cam and roller
Student Booklet – science
Student Booklet – basic design
Student Booklet – design with mechanism
Cyberquest corrected
Evaluation grid
Annex 1 – Activity about the reflection of light
Annex 2 – Plan for the mystery box
Annex 3 – Targets for the mystery box
Annex 4 – Exercises on the various developments of the box
Annex 5 – Various developments of the box (folding)
Annex 6 – Exercises for transposition of measurement of the column
Annex 7 – Column measurements – corrected version
Annex 8 – Plans for the upper and lower parts
Annex 9 – Plans for the central column
Annex 10 – Measurement templates (91 and 93 mm)
Annex 11 – Fabrication steps for the periscope
Annex 12 – Examples of gears
Annex 13 – Base for the mirrors
Annex – Mathematical Concept used in the activity